What media do I need to provide for a Sound Design and Mix?

Two elements are needed from the filmmaker for the post-production sound process.
(1) An OMF export of the project with 10 second handles at the same sample and bit rate as your session.
(2) A DV NTSC codec quicktime with embedded mixdown of the project's cut audio.

Additional elements needed, depending on the size and scope of the project, may be required, and include: 
A separate OMF file export from the project of all the production audio the filmmaker or picture editor thinks may be useful but wasn't already used in the picture edit.  This may include ambiance and tone tracks, production effects and wild lines recorded by the filmmaker or production mixer, and alternate takes should their be audio quality problems with the takes used in the edited project session.

Contact for further explanation.

How do I deliver my files to the sound editor?

Cinematic Sound maintains its own High-Speed FTP site for the transfer of files (you will need FTP software,
 such as Fetch, etc. to make the transfer).  File delivery can also be made in person when possible.

Username: (we will provide)
Password: (we will provide)